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Intensive Lash and Brow Ordering Information

Ordering Options

Option 1: For orders within the US, Canada and Mexico please call (800) 558-5571.

Option 2: The following form is for orders from overseas where no distributors yet operate. Please complete the form to get us started on your order. We will call you for Visa or MasterCard information.

Product Quantity
Intensive Success Kit, $199.95
Individual Items
Tint Spot Cleanser, $19.95
Tint Developer 80ml Cream, $21.95
Tint Developer 50ml Liquid, $16.95

Individual Tints, $21.95 each
Auburn Tint
Brown Tint
Mid Brown Tint
Blue Tint
Blue Black Tint
Graphite Tint
Deep Black Tint